Television is a Bad Influence – Who Says?

Television is a Bad Influence – Who Says?


Yes, I know. Adults love to tell children how horrible television is, and what a bad influence it is on a young mind … and that’s very true. But there’s plenty about television that’s wonderful, so long as you don’t spend hours and hours watching and doing nothing else.

I’m a voracious reader of practically every genre: I love the classics; middle-grade fiction is fun and satisfying; fantasy gets my blood churning and science fiction makes me think. So imagine my chagrin when my youngest son didn’t like reading. Oh, he had his favorites – Captain Underpants and the Dragon series, both by Dav Pilkey and A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. But that’s it.

My fingers twitched to force a book into his hands. How could he not want to read? What he did like to do was watch television. The Magic School bus was a perennial favorite. He learned about the planets and space, about digestion, how salmon spawn, volcanoes and so much more. And it paved the way for him to learn to read. I’d like to say he now reads the classics but all he really enjoys is anime. But the joys of anime and comic books is a topic for another post.

What have you learned from television?


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