New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

I’ve made one. You’ve made one. We’ve all made one. But which of us is going to stick to them? And for how long?

I’m talking about New Year’s resolutions of course.

Along with the usual boring ones pertaining to my waist size – will lose weight, will exercise, will eat smaller portions – I’ve decided to add two small steps (note how I craftily trick myself by not calling them resolutions) which I may just adhere to … especially since they have nothing to do with food, exercise or my waistline.

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Each day, I plan to do a minimum of a half hour of creative writing – whether it is on my current novel or a short story.

The second step is so much harder: doing a little bit of marketing each day to promote my creative writing classes. Marketing is not my strength. There – I admit it! I’m so afraid of talking about my business, of forcing my classes on other, or perhaps perceiving that’s what I’m doing. I so admire people who are able to talk about their business with aplomb. Get me started on any topic and I can talk for hours but promote myself – that is one difficult task.

Most people who know me know I am a chatterbox and can yak on for hours, but put a phone in front of me and ask me to make a cold call and suddenly I become tongue-tied and unable to proceed unless I have a script in front of me. Why is that? Can anyone tell me? Is anyone else out there like this?

Nevertheless, that is my task for this coming year. I resolve to put myself out there, to talk about my business and find different ways of marketing that will work to promote Beyond-the-Lamppost Writing Classes.

What’s your resolution for 2016?


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