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The Trouble with Knees

The Trouble with Knees

The trouble with knees – and feet, ankles, hips (add whatever appendage you’d like to add here) is that you don’t treasure them when they’re in good shape and working well for you.

Three years ago, the meniscus on my right knee gave way and I found myself on crutches. With time and some great alternative remedies, my knee was back to 98% normal. I treasure that knee now. Unfortunately, I took the other knee for granted and a couple of weeks it told me off by starting to ache and I began to limp. Then two days ago, it gave way and in a case of severe deja-vu I’m back on crutches again.

Once my knee is back to my normal I pledge to never take either of them for granted ever again.

Do you take your knees for granted? Comment here or follow me on Twitter @bev_bell and let me know.



Procrastination – It’s Good for You

Peel it off, flay it off, scrape and scrub. It’s the only way to get rid off it. That, and loads of coffee, a great run in the park with the dog or a long snooze.

You, writer, I’m talking to you. I can see you staring blankly at the computer screen hoping against hope that something will magically pop up and be exactly what you need to write that next sequence, scene or chapter in your book.

Procrastination is like a reptilian skin on a writer – once you shed it, there’s a fresh sheen with new life underneath. And that’s because during the whole time you’re procrastinating, your inner mind is working furiously to come up with that perfect phrase, plot or character. Once the procrastination sloughs off – the fresh new perspective is there for the taking. Seize it and set it down before the next layer of procrastination begins to build up.


When I was a newspaper journalist many years ago, I found that the best hooks for my stories came when I was pressed for time … and I was pressed for time only because I had frittered away the hours trying to escape what I was supposed to be doing  – writing my piece.

But, subconsciously, your brain is working on the problem and when you need it – BAM – there it is.

Don’t let the world tell you that procrastination is being lazy. It’s not. It’s the equivalent of being in a dream state while awake. And everyone knows dreaming is good for you – right?

Do you procrastinate?


Beginning Your Novel

Beginning Your Novel

Beginning your novel  is like the prelude to sex for the first time.

reptile-398073__180Your blood begins to rush, your toes curl up and your every nerve is on fire. What will happen? Will it be fun and exciting? Will I be disappointed? Will it be memorable?

Just like sex, you believe you have control over the situation but in the throes of passion who knows what can happen. In the same way, as you sit at your desk plotting and planning the characters you are bringing to life suddenly take off with a mind of their own and begin telling their own story.  If the muses align you may be in sync with them but don’t count on it.

white rabbitI wonder whether the White Rabbit called the shots when he pulled Lewis Carroll or was it Alice? down the rabbit hole.

Let your fingers do the walking over your keyboard and see where it takes you. Sometimes, though, after the initial excitement at the idea of beginning your novel, you run cold.

What now? I had the nucleus of an idea; I had a character in mind and that’s all. Nothing seems to be germinating. What to do? This is where some guidance can help.

Novel Basics

Figure out what genre you want to write – is it fantasy, romance, mystery, thriller, young adult or middle grade? There are even more genres but those are probably the most well known.

  • If the last time you read a kid’s book was when you were a kid, chances are that’s not the genre you should dip your fingers into.
  • If you enjoy reading romances, you will probably understand the plots that are generally employed – girl meets boy, there’s a problem, there are more problems, lots of misunderstanding, lots of sex and finally all is well and the couple lives happily ever after.
  • If you dislike murders and feel squeamish about blood, chances are murder mysteries are not for you.

Parse one of your favorite novels and discover what makes it tick, then start coming up with a plot. Sometimes even trying to copy a classic will set you off down the right path. Within a chapter or two, you’ll begin to find your own voice, your characters will begin to talk to you and the rest will be a yarn worth publishing. And no, you will not be plagiarizing – you’ll be surprised how quickly the story turns into your own. Change the names of the characters, the setting and a new plot will evolve in your mind.

Let me know how you begin your novels.


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