Procrastination – It’s Good for You

Peel it off, flay it off, scrape and scrub. It’s the only way to get rid off it. That, and loads of coffee, a great run in the park with the dog or a long snooze.

You, writer, I’m talking to you. I can see you staring blankly at the computer screen hoping against hope that something will magically pop up and be exactly what you need to write that next sequence, scene or chapter in your book.

Procrastination is like a reptilian skin on a writer – once you shed it, there’s a fresh sheen with new life underneath. And that’s because during the whole time you’re procrastinating, your inner mind is working furiously to come up with that perfect phrase, plot or character. Once the procrastination sloughs off – the fresh new perspective is there for the taking. Seize it and set it down before the next layer of procrastination begins to build up.


When I was a newspaper journalist many years ago, I found that the best hooks for my stories came when I was pressed for time … and I was pressed for time only because I had frittered away the hours trying to escape what I was supposed to be doing  – writing my piece.

But, subconsciously, your brain is working on the problem and when you need it – BAM – there it is.

Don’t let the world tell you that procrastination is being lazy. It’s not. It’s the equivalent of being in a dream state while awake. And everyone knows dreaming is good for you – right?

Do you procrastinate?


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