The Trouble with Knees

The Trouble with Knees

The trouble with knees – and feet, ankles, hips (add whatever appendage you’d like to add here) is that you don’t treasure them when they’re in good shape and working well for you.

Three years ago, the meniscus on my right knee gave way and I found myself on crutches. With time and some great alternative remedies, my knee was back to 98% normal. I treasure that knee now. Unfortunately, I took the other knee for granted and a couple of weeks it told me off by starting to ache and I began to limp. Then two days ago, it gave way and in a case of severe deja-vu I’m back on crutches again.

Once my knee is back to my normal I pledge to never take either of them for granted ever again.

Do you take your knees for granted? Comment here or follow me on Twitter @bev_bell and let me know.


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