Fear of Success

Fear of Success or Just Plain Old Fear can be a Good Thing

When I began offering creative writing classes earlier this year I was afraid …

  • afraid that no one would attend
  • afraid that whoever attended would be disappointed
  • afraid that I would have to close shop after one session
  • afraid that I’d fail

That fear of success, (some people might call it fear of failure) almost stopped me from starting. But I shoved it away and told myself I’d try for one session and see what would happen.

The result: I have a core group of incredible people who are not only terrific writers, they bring me purpose and focus each week as I parse through their submissions and see how I can enhance them. My fear of success (or failure) is slowly leaving me. Que sera, sera said Doris Day in that old song that really dates me. But the phrase is true. What will be, will be. The only power we have in our hands is how we live our lives. We may have fear of success or fear of failure, but how we approach it is what matters.

I’ve had great reviews from the writers who have joined Beyond-the-Lamppost and I am so grateful for the wonderful feedback they have given me.

Thank you Beyond-the-Lamppost Writers.


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