Writing Success Story

Writing Success Story

Eight months ago I conquered my fear and began running a small writing class for five. The premise of the class was to challenge each writer to the best of their ability and all five have come a long way. They have accepted my detailed critiques with aplomb and revised and re-written their pieces until they shone.

Two weeks ago I learned that Ariffa, one of my star students, will have one of her short stories published in October in one of the prestigious and well-read Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. writing successMonths ago, she had brought her story THE RED CHAIR to the critiquing session; she took the suggestions, polished the work until it was perfect and submitted to the publisher that best fit the story. Voila! Success! And nary a word re-edited!

My congratulations to Ariffa. You have been a wonderful addition to the class and I wish you years of success.


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