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Change is Always Good

Change is Always Good

Learning anything new can be tough. But learning to change can be even tougher. From today, I’ll be going through the process of updating my website with the help of a webmaster and learning tools to use going forward.

With this new move, I hope to expand my business – although moving from one to two classes this fall is a nice jump – but my goal is to have five classes through the week by the end of 2016. An achievable goal? Will have to wait and see.


The problem with me, as with most writers is the difficulty in realizing that you have to market yourself. Correct that, it’s not that you don’t know that you ought to market yourself – the problem lies in actually doing that. For some reason, writers believe that their work should stand on their own and that people ought to recognize their genius and come to them. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. In a creative writing business, the challenge is to find students. Not just any old student, but

  • those who wish to take their craft from the writing stage to the publishing stage
  • those who are not afraid to modify their work in order to shape it properly
  • those who enjoy hard work
  • best of all, those who enjoy writing

Right now, I’ve been blessed with writers who flourish under my very direct and to-the-point critiques. Thank you writers – you know who you are.

But back to marketing. My secondary goal is to try a slice of marketing each week whether it be sending off a round of emails promoting my business, writing in my blog, talking about my business or networking.

Let me know what else I can do to promote my business.