Blogging for Writers

Blogging for writers may seem like one more unnecessary rung on the publishing ladder but it is an important step. And one you should take before it becomes a necessity … when you are a published author.

It is one of the best ways to connect and interact with your readers. If they feel a personal tie to you, your chances of getting them to buy and read your books start to look pretty darned good.

Learn the ins and outs of blogging before you need it.

Blogging Tips for Writers


  • Start a free blog on WordPress today. There are so many different themes – you’ll find one you like. Don’t pay for a theme until you’ve used one of the free versions for at least a year. You need the experience to determine what you like and also to get a feel for what you are doing.
  • Take baby steps and start small. It may not sound like a lot to whip off 300-400 words each week on a topic you love to talk about, but believe me it becomes tough really quickly to think of topics people would be interested in reading about and which you can talk about with authority.
  • Think carefully about the name of your blog. It will be your online home.
  • Post once a week on the same day and as close to the same time as possible so that the web crawlers notice your new copy each week. As you get more comfortable and proficient with posting, you can increase your posts.
  • Make sure that your posts are relevant. Nobody really cares about what you are making for lunch or about the fact that your grandmother is turning 90. That is something personal. Try to make your blog pertinent to a specific subject and helpful to those who read it. I am a writer and a writing instructor, so my topics tend to be about creative writing or what is meaningful to writers.
  • Use SEO words, particularly in your heading. SEO keywords are words that people tend to type into their internet browsers when they are looking for a specific subject. So, for example, if they were looking to find out about how to start blogging they might type in the words – blogging for writers. Voila – your post will pop up.
  • Make sure you have social media links. That means you link your post to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. There are others, but I prefer to use just those.

Let me know if you are new to blogging and if this post has helped you.


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