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If you call yourself a writer, chances are you have a writer’s notebook tucked in your purse (if you are a woman) or in your pocket or briefcase (if you are a man). imagesIf you don’t have one – run out right now to the Dollar Store, Staples or any other place that sells stationery supplies.

Why? Because it is one of the most essential pieces of equipment a writer must possess.

Why again? Read on chickadee because without it, you will probably never be able to capture the essence of the world. Scratch that – you might be able to if you are a seasoned writer or someone with a photographic memory. But if you are just starting out, a writer’s notebook is a gift from the writing gods above. Take it and use it.

What to jot down in your writer’s notebook

  1. Random thoughts or memories that occur to you as you while away the time waiting for someone. These are precious because you never know what they could lead to.
  2. Enjoy a coffee in an outdoor cafe download (particularly in a large city) and watch the world go by. You will be surprised at the diversity of people that stream by your table. Make notes of the weird, the strange and the ugly. These are the characters you can base some of your own fictional ones on.
  3. Describe that perfect sunset you just witnessed or the hurricane that knocked your deck off and floated it away. The thoughts, impressions and observations that occur to you at that moment may not come back to you. Write them down immediately.
  4. Allows you to brainstorm – an almost impossible task on an iPad, tablet or computer.
  5. Culling words, sentences and phrases from your favorite books and jotting them down in your writer’s notebook. Reading them over will help kick-start your own creative process.

No need for top-of-the-line stationery. All you need is something serviceable. And yes, while you can jot down notes in your phone, it just doesn’t work the same way. For one thing, flipping through them does not jog your mind the way words on a piece of paper does. Try it and you’ll see I’m right.

What’s in your writer’s notebook?


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