Writer’s Block

calvinWriter’s Block? Did you say you have Writer’s Block? Any of you get that? So what do you do then?

Ah – then that’s the time to let your Inner Brain – I call mine Beverley 1 (because I think Beverley 1 is smarter than Beverley 2 – that’s the physical me.) It knows more things than I do and can work on multiple problems at the same time.

And it works best at night – while you are sleeping. Here’s my tip for when your brain can’t come up with any new ideas or your story is limping along with no destination in mind. Forget about it. But before you do it, tell your Inner Brain – your Beverley 1 – the problem and be consistent about what you want.

And that comes to another point. Don’t get trapped in writing just one imagesbook. Don’t get me wrong. Finish your book. But every now and then think of something different. Daydream. Put pink and yellow together, dots and stripes, elephants with T-rexes. All I mean by that is try different things – in your mind.

While you are sending out queries for one book, you can be working on another and letting your Inner You consider plots for novels to come. That way you always have something on the go. And perhaps if the publishing world doesn’t want a middle-grade book on dragons because that was big last year and is no good this year, perhaps they’ll be interested in the literary fiction you’ve just finished.

Be prolific. The more you write, the more you will be able to write. Use your imagination or lose it.

What do you do to beat writer’s block?


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