What Writers Fear Most

chickenWe’re chicken, each and every one of us writers. Here’s what writers fear most:


And boy, are we going to have to put up with tons. When that novel is finally finished and you type the words ‘The End’ the rejection begins. How? Well, now you have to write a query and synopsis to hook a literary agent, and that my friend, is tough as nails. You may have written the book, but how do you boil it down to three paragraphs. An almost impossible task. Then, get set for rejection after rejection from the agents. There are many compelling reasons why agents will reject your work and it may have nothing to do with the quality, but it’s tough to keep a smile on your face and struggle along. But that’s what we have to do. Because that wonderful day will come when the right person matches up with you and your work and then the long road to publishing will happen … or so we have to believe. Never give up, never surrender, as a key character in a science fiction show once said.

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‘Not good enough’ Syndrome

So many people, not just writers, just don’t believe in themselves and in what they do. Writers have this syndrome big time. And it’s hard not to have it. After all, when you see the amount of incredibly rich stories out there, it’s hard not to feel inadequate. When I feel this way, I like to read a really poorly written book. If such a book can get published, then there’s hope for me especially when I secretly know my book is way, way, way better.

Fear of Success

Credit: kenyaforexfirm.com

Credit: kenyaforexfirm.com

Yes, most people think they have a fear of failure, but I think it’s really a fear of success. So many of us feel great writing – and writing – and writing our novels … and not knowing when to stop. Or perhaps not wanting to stop. I think that’s indicative of a fear of success, because the person is afraid to go forward and see if his/her beloved book can achieve any success.

Are you a one-time wonder?

You’ve written your opus and now you’re stuck. No grand ideas and you wonder if you will ever get another idea. Think about it endlessly and you probably won’t get another good idea. But allow your imagination to drift, use prompts or take a writing class to kickstart your creativity and you’ll be surprised. There’s more than one story in you, for sure. I guarantee you.

What are your fears?

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