Boring Writing

boringWe’ve all read books with boring writing. For myself, I love such books. They give me hope. If writers such as these can somehow get published, then – there is hope for myself and all the other good writers out there. All we need is perseverance and the ability to find the right literary agent to champion our book.

What is Boring Writing?

Sure, you can recognize boring writing when you read it. It’s the type of stuff that makes your eyes close and is way cheaper and better for you than sleeping pills. But how can writers recognize whether their writing is boring or not? Here’s what to look for:

Hackneyed, Overworked Plots – these are the ones you’ve seen done over and over again. While there are only so many plot structures to go around, it is our job as writers to see  how we can refresh these plots, and re-work them so they are fresh and unique.

mad scientistStereotypes –  think the smart-mouthed detective, the Pretty Woman hooker, the mad scientist. What can we do to rescue these characters from their cliched existence?

Soul-searching – yeah, yeah, all very well but thenavel reader can take only so much navel gazing. There is a time and place for introspection in your novel, but too much of it turns the reader off. Get of the stupid couch and do something for god’s sake!

Where’s the Action? – if your character has no objective and just sits on his butt and thinks, well – where’s the story? Readers want action from their characters: they want to vicariously live and enjoy what they can’t necessarily do themselves. Give it to them or risk them tossing your book.

Crisp, Exciting Writing

The best way to ensure your writing is exciting, dynamic and has that un-put-downable quality is to present your work in writing classes or writing groups that you know will give you honest feedback. Family members don’t count – they like you too much to give an honest opinion!

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