Pitching to Literary Agents

20160820_092501Five of us Beyond-the-Lamppost¬†writers attended last Saturday’s Toronto Writing Workshop in where we pitched our stories to several literary agents who were attending the conference. There were eleven literary agents there:

Marisa Corvisiero of The Corvisiero Agency
Moe Ferrara of the Bookends Literary Agency
Chris Bucci of The McDermid Agency
Cassandra Rodgers of The Rights Factory
Ali McDonald of The Rights Factory
Olga Filina of The Rights Factory
Rachel Letofsky of The Cooke Agency
Ellie Sipila of_____
Sue Miller of the Donaghy Literary Agency
Stacey Donaghy of the Donaghy Literary Group
Veronica Park of the Corvisiero Literary Agency

We all did 1-2 pitching sessions each. The results were better than we expected:

1 request for a full manuscript
Several requests for partial (50 pages) manuscripts
High interest in the pitched novel with a request to send query and first chapter once it’s been
Edited to required word count
Solid advice on the pitched query
Solid advice on the pitched story and how to make the plot even more exciting

It was worth the fear, the anxiety and the wet armpits. In the end, I think we all figured out that literary agents aren’t the demons we made them out to be in our minds, but were human beings just like us. And if we talked and behaved in our natural way, good things would come.

The excitement has come, the fulls and partials sent out but the work is not done. They could still be rejected and no offer of representation offered. So, as every writer knows – keep plugging away at sending out the queries and Write On.

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