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How you start your novel can be a fun, spontaneous process, or one filled with forethought and planning.

Many people have different ways of approaching writing and no one way is right or wrong. Sometimes, the perfect first line can lead you to creating an entire imaginary world – it’s like the story erupts within you, based on that cue. People who work in this way are called ‘pantsers’ meaning they fly by the seat of their pants.

Other times, it is necessary to think and draw up a story arc to plot exactly where you are going. People who work this way are called ‘plotters’ because they plot their story in depth. There is no right or wrong way. And in actual fact, you do need elements of both approaches.

Having said that, if you are new to writing it would make sense for you to answer these



questions before starting:

Do you have a storyline?
Who is your protagonist is and what does he or she want?
What is their goal, their objective?
What is the inciting incidents that sets the protagonist on their path?
Who is the antagonist or villain?

Once you can answer these questions, you can start fleshing out the characters and develop sub-plots, a climax and a way of ending your story on a satisfying note.

Writing a novel is consuming and fun, but you need to let your imagination take over. When writing a first draft, let the story flow in an organic way. Re-writing will take care of making sure everything makes sense in the story. Joining a writing class or a critiquing group will help you move your story forward and learn the elements of good writing.

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