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memoirMemoir writing is one of the most popular forms of creative writing, and it can be a wonderful gift to your family and friends.

Your life story is, by definition, a memoir and as such is yours and yours alone. No other author could possibly have written the same story and that’s what makes it unique. But what are the chances of your memoir getting published in a traditional press? Sadly, not very high. And that’s because, unless you have an incredibly unusual life, very few publishers are willing to take a chance on you. After all, why would anyone pick up a memoir by someone who is unknown?

For celebrities however, the opposite rings true. They have a built-in fan base and that’s whykeith there is a flood of mediocre memoirs by celebrities. Because, let’s face it. They may be celebrities, but they may not be good writers.

What can you do to get your memoir noticed?

Write a spectacular memoir that hovers on fiction like The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. Reading this memoir is like reading fiction. You keep asking yourself how this could possibly have happened in real life.

Many people like to write about their problems with divorce, drugs, abuse, incest – and this can be a very cathartic experience but it is a difficult genre to sell to a publisher unless you are well-known or have something extremely unusual in your story. That’s why it makes sense to look up memoirists who have written on the same subject. The reason you want to look them up is to make sure your story has a completely different slant.

Read, read, and read some more in order to write well.

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