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Inspiration for a new book comes in different forms for different people. Sometimes a word or a phrase can start you down a path to a novel, sometimes a quirky character that you’ve met may become someone in your story, and sometimes it’s just plain hard work coming up with a good idea.

How to Come Up With Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. As a writer, you just need to recognize it. Sometimes, a riveting childhood – be it good or bad – can kick-start a story. Jeannette Walls did this with her book The Glass Castle.

The main thing anyone can do is to allow your imagination to bloom. Elizabeth Gilbert, authorelizabeth of Eat, Pray, Love gave a very interesting TEDTALK called Your elusive creative genius which goes into the whole notion of a creative muse. All writers will be inspired and motivated by this Ted Talk. 

But all the inspiration in the world will amount to nothing if you don’t put that effort into practice. Once you have an idea, you need to flesh it out and see whether it has enough meat to cover an entire novel – or perhaps it’s meant to be just a short story.

The most important thing you can do for yourself though is to write. Trust in your imagination by testing out new ideas and novel scenarios.

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration For Stories

  1. Video Inspiration

    “But all the inspiration in the world will amount to nothing if you don’t put that effort into practice. ”

    That single line out there signifies how important the putting effort is. Every one can inspire us but Inspiration can only work when there is action towards the goal.

    Great article, thanks for sharing.

    1. Bev Post author

      True, that’s why I encourage all writers to join a writing group. It helps to give you that kick that forces you to write, write, write


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