4 Tips for New Writers

aliexpress-tips-reviewTip No. 1

New writers – this is your first, best, and most important tip. DROP the ‘wannabe’ moniker and recognize that you are a writer. If you think you are a ‘wannabe’ then you’ll never be anything but that.

Tip No. 2

So what if someone writes a similar story – someone once said (can’t remember which great mind said this) there are no new stories: everyone steals from everyone else and changes it to become their own. As long as there are different elements, all will be well. After all, a mystery is a mystery, a romance is a romance and so on.   Just do it and your story will turn out different.

Ask any of my students and they will tell you that I have a terrific knack of re-writing in their voice BUT – there is no way I would ever be able to write their novels because I just don’t think like them. I have no idea what choice of words they will use, where their plot meanders off to, what their characters will do and say and what exactly will happen in their story’s climactic moment. What I’m saying here is that if I were to write someone else’s story (I’m not talking about ghostwriting) that story would end up becoming mine because of the way I think, and the words and phrases I choose to employ. My style of writing is different from yours or anyone else’s.

So if your story starts off being similar to someone else’s, chances are it will become your own after just a couple of pages or so. Copying someone else’s style is a good way to begin writing and learning the ropes. What do musicians do? They sing other people’s songs and play other people’s riffs until they feel confident in doing their own material.

Tip No. 3

Each person’s writing is unique.  One way to discover your own uniqueness is to try writing in different genres until you find the style of writing you enjoy. And of course – read, read, and read some more.

Tip No. 4

Start with a short story on something you know very well – for ex: if you come from a small town in Quebec, try your hand at a mystery that occurs in the Quebec wilderness. You’ll be able to bring that whole landscape alive – imagine something horrible happening in the aluminum mines of Shawinigan or someone falling into the vats of pulp at the paper mills in Trois Rivieres. It will give you a chance to do a nice accent for interest as well – just some ideas.

I used the Jeffrey asbestos mine (from Quebec) in one of my stories because I know Quebec fairly well.

Think about it. It’s easier to start with something small and then you can flesh it out.

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