Consultations For Writers


First Five Pages Consult

If you are unsure where your manuscript/story is going, a consult might be right for you.


It will take approximately two hours  – one hour for me to go through your work privately and one hour where we meet at a place of your choosing such as the local library or coffee shop. While it is not possible to review your entire manuscript in that short a time, a summary and the first five pages will go a long way to focus on what’s right and wrong with your story.

We’ll zero in on your trouble spots and discuss:

  • Plot development
  • Point of View problems
  • Believability
  • Technical Issues

Rate: $100.00

For more information or to book an appointment, email


the-one-on-one-meetingOne-on-One Personal Consult

If you need prefer to work one-on-one with me on your short story or manuscript – please feel free to contact me.

Rate: $50/hour


Manuscript Evaluations

Is your manuscript polished and ready for querying? If it’s not, see below for what could happen. download

Prevent this by having a professional take an in-depth look at the complete manuscript focusing on pacing, point-of-view, believability and character development. Expect plenty of comments but suggestions for improvement.

Rate: Ten-page submission $125.00

Full manuscript: $125 for first 10 pages +$2/page after that. Thus a 200-page manuscript will cost: $125 + 190 (pages) x $2 = $505.00

For more information or to book an appointment, email

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