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20 Texting Acronyms

Not so long ago LOL meant Lots of Love. If you still believe that’s what it means, you’re stuck in the wrong century. LOL in today’s lingo means Laugh Out Loud. Texting acronyms and abbreviations don’t always make sense for those of us of a certain age, and sometimes we’re a little worried about appearing out of touch. But now, at a touch of a few keys on your keyboard you can tune into any subject and learn what is current. 

No need to be afraid of the latest fad. While texting may take a little while for some of us, help is on the way to transform you from old fogey to hipster.

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Start your coolness factor off with this short list of 20 texting acronyms.

  1. BRB – be right back
  2. BTW – by the way
  3. 2moro – Tomorrow
  4. 2nite – Tonight
  5. K – okay
  6. LOL – laugh out loud
  7. L8R – later
  8. LMAO – laughing my ass off
  9. OMG – oh my god
  10. R – are
  11. U – you
  12. CU – see you
  13. TTYL – talk to you later
  14. Np – no problem
  15. POV – point of view
  16. RBTL – read between the lines
  17. Thx – thanks
  18. SH – Sh** happens
  19. TMI – too much information
  20. XOXO – hugs and kisses

These twenty short cuts won’t necessarily put you on the cool and awesome list, but they’ll set your feet in the right direction. What you do after that is up to you.

What you do need to do is practice. Practice makes perfect as we all know. Suddenly, your thumbs are doing the texting with a life of their own and you’re actually looking forward to the tinkling sound of a text message coming in. 

Let me know what other popular texting acronyms you use.