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New Year Writing Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions, list of items

Your New Year writing resolution is still pretty fresh in your mind, I’m sure. You’re probably writing away madly and sure that you will be able to keep up the frenetic pace for the rest of the year.

I hope so, but chances are – the writing peaks and wanes.

Achieving Your Writing Resolution

Be consistent and and dedicated. It’s a surefire way to achieve success. While I do believe that the muse does descend upon all creative types, it is necessary to build on what the muse imparts. That means – fleshing out your story idea, adding meat to the bones of your characters’ personalities and carving out conflict after conflict to hinder your protagonist.

Making Writing Your Priority

Of course you have other things to do in life, but ensure that you set aside an hour or two to consistently work on your story. It’s really not that much time. Think of how much time you fritter away watching television or window shopping. Don’t think of it as strict ‘writing’ time – it can mean editing the work or just planning how to progress.


Consistency is boring for many, but it’s also the key to maintaining your writing resolution. If you know you are going to spend time writing from 2 – 4 in the afternoon, you will work the rest of your schedule around it. It’s a date with yourself, similar to what you do to go to the gym. It will also help the panic that arises when you know you have one night left to submit your piece for critiquing to your writing group – and you have nothing to submit.

Treat Your Resolution as a Challenge

Many of us like a challenge – even if it’s with our own selves. Challenge yourself to maintain your writing discipline for the next month. And when you achieve that, renew the challenge for the next month and so on. You’ll be so pleased with your progress, it will keep you going.

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Writing for Free

Writing for free is a great idea when you have never published anything before.

There are any number of sites such as CommuterLit or FanStory (which also offers critiques by
members) and, yes, they are wonderful opportunities if you have never had a story published before. They offer you the chance to see your story … and your name, in print.

roller-coaster-449137__180That is one heck of a thrill.

But, after that thrill has been enjoyed a couple of times – heck, even a few times, it’s time to start thinking seriously about your future as a writer. Free publishing of your stories will only lead you so far. No one appreciates anything that is given away free. If you intend to actually crack into the world of novels, then it’s time to up your ante. That means selling your stories to publications that pay (and there are plenty who do so … from small to big bucks) as well as entering writing contests and competitions.


There are plenty of those as well. One potential problem with contests and competitions is you could enter up spending hundreds of dollars on entry fees. But never fear – help is near. There are a huge amount of free (yes, you heard right – free) competitions that you can enter. And, best of all, some of them pay big bucks. You’ll never know if you can win unless you enter.

Then, when you send out that all important query foShaping Your Storyhttp://beyond-the-lamppost.com/creative-writing-classes/r your book, you will have the opportunity of adding that you are the winner of such and such competition. What a way to get your name known and to start publicizing your novel. And, from there, the sky is the limit.

What are you doing to publicize your stories?



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